4 Ways a Surrey Dentist Can Put You at Ease

Whether you are absolutely terrified of visiting your Surrey dentist, or you only have mild anxiety when getting a check-up, here are four ways the dentist can put you at ease, even if you aren’t aware they are doing it.

Small talk

The next time you visit your Surrey dentist, you will often find that they go beyond the usual pleasantries of a customary meeting.

In taking the time to find out how you are, along with asking you a number of dental and overall health questions, they are performing two tasks. Firstly, they are finding out potentially crucial information, such as your overall health, which can point out both dental and non-dental health complications.

Secondly, this helps to distract you from any worry you have about the visit, as any good dentist will be acutely aware just how many people have anxiety when visiting and will recognize if you are particularly affected.

Explaining the processes and procedures

Before performing each process and procedure, even if it is something relatively simple, such as a visual inspection of your teeth, your Surrey dentist will advise as to exactly what they are going to do. This is one of the best ways to help reassure patients, as when you know the reason for each procedure and what to expect, it can prevent your brain from racing through irrational thoughts.


A Surrey dentist can also use their accumulated experience to see when a client might be suffering significant anxiety, adapting their work to best adjust for this.

Whether this relates to taking a longer amount of time to explain the processes, or simply providing reassurances that everything is going to be pain-free and okay, their experience is vital in putting you at ease.

Continual check-up

Throughout a dental procedure, it is not uncommon for a dentist to regularly check that everything is progressing well and that a patient is not becoming unsettled.

This is a particularly common occurrence during a lengthy procedure, such as a hygienist cleaning, or a filling. Stopping every so often to check that there is no pain or discomfort is an effective technique used by dentists, helping to make the entire check-up more relaxing for the patient.

In summary

The next time you are worrying about visiting your Surrey dentist, consider the points above, as they go through all of these processes to help make the experience as pleasant as possible.24